Episode 22: PORN and PURITY – How can I escape my sinful addiction? – Pt. 4 – (Confess to a strong/godly bro)

Jason continues his series on PORN and PURITY … and in this episode, he helps Christian guys understand the importance of confessing their sin to a strong/godly brother in Christ who can help them overcome it!

Scripture Support = Prov. 28:13; James 5:16-18; Galatians 6:1-2

You have to come clean about your sin. Don’t be a wuss. Don’t be a coward. Man up. You can do this!

You need a strong/godly Christian brother who is not stuck in the same sinful pit as you. He needs to be mature enough to keep all your personal info to himself (unless you’ve crossed the line into illegal stuff). And he also needs to be a dude who is committed to helping you through the recovery process. And recovery may cost you some serious time and money, but don’t look at it as an “expense” … but as an “investment” in yourself, your marriage, your family, your ministry, etc. If you’re not healthy, then you’re not able to truly make all those important areas of your life healthy. Your secret sin is hurting others. It affects far more than you!

Resource = http://www.covenanteyes.com for Internet Accountability Software.

Resource = http://www.X3Groups.com for online accountability and support for sexual addiction issues.

Do whatever it takes to kill your sin or your sin will be killing you!


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