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E-60: It’s Manly to Fight!

In this episode, Jason talks about spiritual posing on social media ... and how the Apostle Paul recently gave him a flying knee to the face over it. With that, you're going to learn from a real elite fighter/warrior (the Apostle Paul) that it's manly to fight. At the end of this episode, Jason shares… Continue reading E-60: It’s Manly to Fight!

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Episode 56 Vid: GRIZ Ramblings and … “Dude, is it wrong to masturbate?”

This is the second GRIZ YouTube Podcast. We've gone from talking about drinking to masturbation. Jason will now be banned from speaking in most churches!ย ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜‚ We've also gone from 8 subscribers on YouTube to a whopping 20!!! Your feedback is welcomed ... email Jason at Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and tell a friend!… Continue reading Episode 56 Vid: GRIZ Ramblings and … “Dude, is it wrong to masturbate?”

The GRIZ Podcast

E-56: GRIZ Ramblings and … “Dude, is it wrong to masturbate?”

In this episode, Jason shares a glimpse of what his crazy family really looks like ... howling dog (and wife), daughter frantically PMSing, his food and drinks are constantly stolen, mental breakdown is imminent! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Jason also shares some very important news for The GRIZ Tribe ... good things coming! He then responds to recent… Continue reading E-56: GRIZ Ramblings and … “Dude, is it wrong to masturbate?”

The GRIZ Podcast

E-51: Running the Ultimate Endurance Race!

So you ran in a Tough Mudder or Spartan Race or Xterra Race or UltraMarathon ... dude, that's cool, very cool. But how are you running in the ultimate endurance race? I'm talking about your Christian life. That's the ultimate endurance race! All those other races are only for a temporal reward, but this ultimate… Continue reading E-51: Running the Ultimate Endurance Race!

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E-47: Fighting Porn Together!

In this episode, Jason reads some recent emails from listeners and responds to each of them. God is doing some amazing work in the hearts of many listeners. Many men are coming clean about their porn/sex addiction and seeking help from God and their brothers from other mothers!     To help you with porn… Continue reading E-47: Fighting Porn Together!

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No-Porn November!

In November, many guys begin ye ole "No-Shave November" ... where they refuse to shave their face in order to grow out their manly beards ... and dude, I'm all about that. That's cool. Very cool. I'm with ya. I'm growing mine. But something that is way way waaaaaayyyyyy cooler than "No-Shave November" is "No-Porn… Continue reading No-Porn November!

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E-19: A Battle Plan for Lust!

Some listeners asked for it, so Jason drops it ... this is his revised 2018 Personal Purity Battle Plan. In this episode, we learn that a strong warrior is a wise warrior who always has a strategic battle plan in place to take down his enemies!ย When it comes to lust, porn, adultery, etc. . .… Continue reading E-19: A Battle Plan for Lust!