E-16: Living-Faith or Dead-Faith? – Pt. 1


In this episode, Jason reminds us of the real meaning behind Christmas … and then talks to us about the difference between living-faith and dead-faith … and he also challenges us (as men who profess to be Christians) to seriously examine ourselves to see which one we really have … living-faith or dead-faith?

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E-11: J’s Personal Purity Motivation!

Listeners have requested this, so here it is …

In this episode, Jason hits us with 51 reasons to stay the heck away away from porn and every other type of sexual sin! This will help motivate any Christian man who’s struggling with porn temptation/addiction.

Here’s the PDF FILE LINK if you want to see all of the scripture references, books, articles, stats, and links that support his reasons.



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E-3: A godly mountain man! – Interview with Brody Holloway

Brody pictured above with his wife Little and 5 children: Kilby, Tuck, Lailee, Juliet (Ju-Ju), and Moses (Mo).


On this episode, Jason interviews Brody Holloway … the Co-Founder and Director of Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters and the Teaching Pastor at Red Oak Church in Andrews, NC.

They talk about everything from hunting … to daddy wounds … to real salvation … to God’s original intent for man … to marriage … to parenting … and then some!

Brody mentioned the book, Life Together by Deitrich Bohoeffer. Check it out at Amazon – link here.

    1. Brody’s Twitter =


    1. You can check out Snowbird Wildenerness Outfitters at


    1. or at


E-2: A manly/biblical view and response to the mass shooting in Las Vegas!

In this episode, Jason provides a manly/biblical view and response to the mass shooting in Las Vegas. He is adamant that guns are NOT the real problem!

Give to the Christina Grimmie Foundation to help victims of gun violence – https://christinagrimmiefoundation.org

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