Episode 23: The Apostle Paul … a hero among heroes!


Do you have any heroes?

On this episode of the GRIZ podcast, Jason brags on one of his heroes (the Apostle Paul). What he suffered and endured for the sake of the gospel not only impacts and inspires us as Christian men, but it also flat-out humbles us.

Paul was a hero among heroes.

Paul was a real man.

Paul was grizzin baby!

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2 Corinthians 11:21-32

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Episode 21: PORN and PURITY – How can I escape my sinful addiction? – Pt. 3 (Confession to God)


Jason continues to boldly confront the important and relevant issue of PORN and PURITY … and in this episode of THE GRIZ PODCAST, he helps us understand the third biblical thing we need to have/do to truly escape our sinful addiction … CONFESSION to GOD!

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Episode 19: PORN and PURITY – How can I escape my sinful addiction? – Pt. 1 (The Foundation)


In this episode, Jason begins to answer a question that often goes unanswered … it’s the HOW question … HOW do I escape my sinful addiction? … HOW can I live the pure life God’s calling me to live in this perverted world?

He explains that first and foremost … the GOSPEL is FOUNDATIONAL!


Without that … ya got nothing!

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Episode 6: Africa, Mountain Bikes, Muslims, and the Gospel!

In this episode, Jason sits down with his good friend, Joe Shearrer, and interviews him about how he came to real faith in Jesus Christ, and his recent adventure/mission to a part of North Africa that is 99% Muslim. On mountain bikes (yes, mountain bikes), Joe and some friends took the Gospel to various African villages that have no real access to anything Christian. For security reasons, we cannot disclose the exact locations.

How freggin’ cool is that?

On this particular adventure/mission, Joe worked with a ministry called Real Encounter. To learn more about Real Encounter, visit www.realencounter.org

Connect with Joe on Twitter = @TodaysCupOfJoe

Episode 5: Your #1 Priority as a Father!

Plain and simple, our #1 priority as Christian fathers is to evangelize our own children. In light of eternity, everything else pales in comparison with that priority.

Here is a link to the book that Jason reads from in this episode … Straight Talk To Men, by Dr. James Dobson.

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