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E-60: It’s Manly to Fight!

In this episode, Jason talks about spiritual posing on social media … and how the Apostle Paul recently gave him a flying knee to the face over it. With that, you’re going to learn from a real elite fighter/warrior (the Apostle Paul) that it’s manly to fight. At the end of this episode, Jason shares some practical examples of what he’s personally fighting for and what you also need to be fighting for.


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E-59: The Discipline of Difficulty!

In this episode, Jason reminds us once again of what the real Christian life really looks and feels like. It’s not a walk on a paved nature trail at your local park. It sometimes feels more like being dropped into Taliban infested Afghanistan with an American flag wrapped around us! It’s a fight, a struggle, a battle … and sometimes we feel utterly overwhelmed … but our Lord has given us some amazing promises to empower us through every difficulty we face as we daily seek Him, trust Him, and obey Him.

We gotta do that as Christian men!

Oswald Chambers. Author of My Utmost for His Highest.

In this episode, Jason gives us his own modern day paraphrase from Oswald Chambers’ … The Discipline of Difficulty which comes from the best-selling devotional book of all-time, My Utmost for His Highest!

If you don’t have a copy of My Utmost for His Highest, dude, you need one!

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Jason also mentioned the biography of Jerry Falwell written by his wife, Macel. Here is the Amazon Link for that …


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E-54: Don’t lose hope. Your pain has a purpose!

In this episode, Jason shares some of what he’s been going through lately in his on-going battle with Lyme Disease. This episode will encourage and motivate you if you’ve been going through any sort of a painful trial.




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E-39: Walking on Water!

In this episode, Jason shares …


… some of his own recent faith struggles from his personal journal. 

… recent feedback/emails from listeners.

… heartfelt thoughts regarding homosexuality and the LBGTQ community.

… helpful /books resources regarding homosexuality and the LBGTQ community.

… thoughts regarding the recent American Music Awards and today’s rap music versus old school rap.


Resources from this episode ….


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* Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry – Amazon Link

* The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Butterfield – Amazon Link

* Interview with Rosaria ButterfieldYouTube Link Here


The music at the conclusion of today’s episode is from The Album “Rehab” by LeCrae, 2010 Reach Records. The iTunes link is below to listen or purchase …



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E-29: “If you’re going through Hell … Keep going!”

In this episode, Jason brings some inspiration and motivation to those of you who’ve been feeling beat up and are stuck down in the pit. You’re not the only Christian brother going through it. All of us go through various trials that knock us down and make us want to just throw in the towel on life (even the Apostle Paul). You’re not alone, but you gotta get up! You gotta get up and fight it! “NEVER QUIT” is part of who we are in Christ. Quitting is not an option. In the strength of God, you gotta fight it! In this episode, Jason shares some of his own personal and recent trials/struggles and he then pounds us with some inspiration and motivation with some hardcore tunes. Remember what Sir Winston Churchill said, “If you’re going through Hell … keep going!” #NeverQuit



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E-24: Def Leppard, Twitter, J’s delusional, and why we actually need pain and suffering!

In this episode, Jason tells you the amazing true story of how Def Leppard actually retweeted his tweet on Twitter. It totally changed J’s life – and now he thinks they want him in the band! #TrueStory

More importantly, Jason shares some valuable truth he’s been learning from Pastor Tim Keller about why we actually need pain and suffering in our lives … how it purges-out our weaknesses and imperfections and then builds us into better men!

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E-10: The Friday Growl!

In this episode, Jason …

  • drinks strong black coffee in the microphone (as usual)
  • reads a recent rating and review from iTunes
  • talks about the recent episode of The PornFree Radio Podcast
  • practices a new revolutionary anger-management technique invented by Matt Dobschuetz, called OSR Therapy (Old School Rap Therapy), and he actually busts-a-rhyme with LL Cool J (not even kidding)!!!
  • reminds us that genuinely following Jesus does NOT make life all better, but will often bring us pain, hardship, opposition, and trials in this life



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