It was dark and scary and the waves were rocking the boat! Then Jesus shows up, walking on the waves, gets into the boat, and all is well! John 6:16-21. When the storms of life hit, scream to Jesus, "Get in my boat!" Sign up for Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability and get the first 30-days … Continue reading E-140: GET IN MY BOAT!

E-139: Seek Out Challenges!

As a Christian man, you need to intentionally and regularly seek out CHALLENGES … mentally, spiritually, and physically. You need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. And on this episode we're going to talk about WHY you need to do that and HOW you can do that in the everyday grind of your life. http://www.rovecoffee.comContinue reading E-139: Seek Out Challenges!

E-129: Be a Monster! Stop Bottling Up! Divorce Bad Friends!

Available on iTunes, Spotify, Audible, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, and more! On this episode of the GRIZ podcast, Jason shares a little bit of what's been going down in his life and what God's been teaching him lately. He also shares an encouraging email from one of our listeners who is persevering through a major trial. You … Continue reading E-129: Be a Monster! Stop Bottling Up! Divorce Bad Friends!