WARNING! … This is NOT your typical “Christian podcast.”

Unashamed to boldly speak the truth (and also bring some much needed humor), GRIZ always keeps it raw, real, and relevant. He makes no claim to be the expert on manliness, marriage, parenting, or anything else, but he knows the God who is … and that’s who he continually pursues and promotes!

The mission of THE GRIZ PODCAST is to help boys become men and to help men become better men. We strive to do this by guiding, encouraging, and equipping Christian dudes to live the manly life that God’s calling them to live! In I Corinthians 16:13-14, The Apostle Paul writes, “Be alert, stand firm in the faith, act like a man, be strong. Your every action must be done with love.” – HCSB

That’s what we gotta get back to!

There’s a major man-crisis in America and its made its way into the church! Many Christian dudes are checking out … being passive … being bystanders in their own life … or embracing some sort of false masculinity. GRIZ is sick of it and he’s freggin’ doing something about it!


– “He has something that always hits the heart at the right time. Keep fighting J.” – Gabriel

–  “This has been an amazing resource for me to stay porn-free!” – Mike

– “Down to earth regular dude who brings some serious truth, even the hard parts.” – Drew

– “This is what real men need to hear. 5 stars for sure!” – Brian

– “Deals with serious issues that all guys face.” – Jon

– “Encouraging, convicting, and very needed.” – Nick

– “You aren’t hearing anything like this in the world.” – Josh

– “Jason drops the truth on you while sharing his own struggles.” – Lee

– “Highly recommend for any boys or men who want to seriously follow Christ.” – Chris

– “Biblical and practical knowledge on how to live manly in an anti-Christian world.” – Dave

– “Love how raw and real it is!” – Phil

– “In a world of politically correct speakers, especially within the church, it’s good to hear someone that keeps it real and relevant!” – Anonymous

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Rated MA for Mature Audiences.

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