The mission of The GRIZ Podcast is to help guide, encourage, and equip Christian dudes to live the manly life that God is calling them to live. We help boys become men and help men become better men. Always grounded in Scripture … we keep it raw, real, and relevant as we talk about God, life, faith, theology, struggles, relationships, culture, health, fitness, whatever! Hosted by Jason George.

Jason is an imperfect but developing Disciple of Jesus Christ. He is also a Husband, Dad, Ordained and Licensed Minister of the Gospel, Christian Coach, and the Founder and President of Narrowtrail Ministries Inc. Jason served as a Youth Pastor for 15 years at churches in Maryland, New Jersey, and Missouri, and then served as an Itinerant Speaker for over a decade.

This podcast is rated “MA” for Mature Audiences. 

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