E-32: My Porn Addiction! – Pt. 1


In this episode, Jason is interviewed by Matt Dobschuetz from The PornFree Radio Podcast. Matt is also the Founder of RecoveredMan.com … where he coaches men in their recovery from porn addiction. In this interview, you’re going to hear a lot of Jason’s backstory with his childhood and what led him into a porn addiction that began destroying his life.

At the end of this interview, Jason also drops some musical motivation/inspiration from the 116 Clique!



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E-31: How do I lead my family? – Pt. 3 – PRIORITY #1

In this episode, Jason continues to work through the answer to the very important question … “How do I lead my family?” … and he shows us what God has been personally teaching him … PRIORITY #1 for us as Christian men is to LOVE GOD with all that we have in us!!! … But what does that really mean? … That’s what Jason begins explaining.

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E-30: Kayaking, Biting Flies, and Pornography!

In this episode …

1.) … Jason takes us on a recent kayaking adventure around Assateague Island near Ocean City, MD, and shares some insight and guidance into the lure, temptation, struggle, and pain of pornography.

2.) … The Dobber (Matt Dobschuetz) from the Pornfree Radio Podcast drops in to offer some insight and help for spiritual leaders/shepherds who are struggling with pornography. Go to www.recoveredman.com for coaching with the Dobber.

3.) … Jason reads and responds to some recent ratings and reviews on iTunes and some recent emails from listeners to the GRIZ Podcast.



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J’s pics from Assateague Island …

E-29: “If you’re going through Hell … Keep going!”

In this episode, Jason brings some inspiration and motivation to those of you who’ve been feeling beat up and are stuck down in the pit. You’re not the only Christian brother going through it. All of us go through various trials that knock us down and make us want to just throw in the towel on life (even the Apostle Paul). You’re not alone, but you gotta get up! You gotta get up and fight it! “NEVER QUIT” is part of who we are in Christ. Quitting is not an option. In the strength of God, you gotta fight it! In this episode, Jason shares some of his own personal and recent trials/struggles and he then pounds us with some inspiration and motivation with some hardcore tunes. Remember what Sir Winston Churchill said, “If you’re going through Hell … keep going!” #NeverQuit



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E-28: How do I lead my family? – Pt. 2

Photo by Tom Mangelsen – http://www.mangelsen.com


In this episode, Jason dives even deeper into the question …

“How do I lead my family?”

It’s a question that Jason is asking God for himself, and he’s simply sharing what God is teaching him.

Here are four facts that Jason has dropped on us …

Fact #1 … God has appointed YOU (the man – the husband – the father) to be the spiritual leader of your family.

Fact #2 … There is no duty, responsibility, or mission in your life that’s more important or more sacred than your role as the spiritual leader of your family.

Fact #3 … Jesus is the ultimate and perfect example of how a man needs to lead his family.

Fact #4 … You (the spiritual leader of your family) must love God first and foremost.

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E-27: How do I lead my family? – Pt. 1



“How do I lead my family?”

That’s a question that I hear from a lot of young married men, and it’s a great question to ask. It’s actually a question that all of us need to be asking if we’re husbands and fathers (no matter how old we are). And it’s a great question to ask if you plan to one day be a husband and father. Heck, it’s a question I’m still asking and still trying to figure out. That’s what we begin diving into in this episode.

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E-26: Check Ya Self before Ya Wreck Ya Self!



In this episode, Jason (with the help of Ice Cube) help you understand the importance of routinely checking yourself to make sure you are living in alignment with God’s Word. If you don’t routinely do that, you’re going to wreck yourself.

Jason has come up with 51 questions that he personally uses to routinely check himself …

1. Are you beginning your day with God’s Word and prayer?

2. Throughout your day … are you staying focused on the things of God – on things that truly matter – the eternal?

3. Are you daily enjoying your relationship with your Heavenly Father … worshipping Him, thanking Him, and talking to Him about life, decisions I have to make, and others?

4. Is there an area of your life where you’re choosing to disobey God?

5. Are you thinking more highly of yourself than you ought to think? Are you proud? Arrogant? Cocky? Condescending?

6. Are you giving others the impression that you’re better or godlier than you really are? In other words, are you a hypocrite?

7. Are you consistently putting the interests, desires, and needs of others before your own? With your wife, kids, friends, etc.?

8. Can others trust you to keep things confidential?

9. Can others depend on you to be a man of your word … to actually follow through and do the things you say you’re going to do?

10. Are you striving to share the gospel with lost people?

11. Are you helping to make disciples of Christ?

12. Are you going to bed on time and getting up on time?

13. Are you financially living within your means? Or are you spending more than you’re bringing in?

14. Are you consistently giving a portion of your income to God … to help others need?

15. Are you consistently saving a portion of your income?

16. Are you avoiding debt?

17. Are you tracking your income and spending (personal, business, ministry)?

18. Are any of your financial matters illegal or shady?

19. Are you living simple, content, and thankful … enjoying the things you already have?

20. Are you jealous or envious of someone?

21. Are you bitter, critical, or resentful of someone?

22. Are you whining and complaining about something in your life?

23. Are you short-tempered or argumentative?

24. Are you wasting time throughout your week?

25. Are you staying organized (house, yard, work, ministry, finances)?

26. Are you talking more than you’re listening to others?

27. Are you consistently exercising at least three days per week and consistently making healthy choices with food and drink?

28. Once per week are you taking time to rest, relax, and recharge?

29. Are you regularly laughing and having fun?

30. Are you staying positive and optimistic with your mental self-talk, attitude, words, and vibe that you are transmitting to others?

31. Are you learning from your failures, mistakes, sins, and then nailing them to the cross of Christ and letting them go?

32. Are you staying in good and frequent communication with your wife?

33. Are you respecting, helping, encouraging, affirming, appreciating, and selflessly loving your wife (often)?

34. Are you going on dates with your wife at least once per week?

35. Are you regularly talking with and spending time with your kids? … LOVE is best spelled T.I.M.E.

36. Are you frequently guiding and encouraging your kids to live the right way?

37. Are you daily praying for your kids?

38. Are you intentionally avoiding places and things that might tempt you?

39. Are you bouncing your eyes away from alluring people and images?

40. Are you “edging” in any way with any kind of sexual lust (thoughts, images, etc.)?

41. Is your iPhone restricted and locked-up with a password that you don’t know and Covenant Eyes installed on it and on every other internet device?

42. Are you frequently reviewing your personal purity battle plan and motivation?

43. Are you avoiding boredom and intentionally planning and keeping yourself busy with good things?

44. Are you talking or joking about sexually perverse stuff?

45. Are you avoiding being alone with members of the opposite sex?

46. Are you in any way flirting or doing anything with a member of the opposite sex that you wouldn’t do if your wife was around?

47. Are you keeping up with your daily accountability check-in with JRay?

48. Are you attending your weekly accountability and support group?

49. Are you being completely honest during your weekly accountability and support group?

50. Are you maintaining weekly connection/fellowship with other Christian men who push you to grow in your walk with God (meetings, activities, phone calls, etc.)?

51. Have you answered all of these questions honestly?



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