E-79: Embrace your New Identities in Christ!

Who are you? How do you define yourself? Is it by your name? Your race? Your country? Your culture? Your sport? Your team? Your talents? Your friend-group? Your career? Your financial status? Your looks? Your fitness level? By the mistakes you’ve made? By the horrible things that have happened to you? How do you define yourself? … Continue reading E-79: Embrace your New Identities in Christ!

E-7: The Friday Growl!

In this episode, Jason talks about a bunch of stuff ... ... why you need Covenant Eyes ... his upcoming interview with former porn actress, Brittni DeLaMora ... the new GRIZ t-shirts and the Uganda Mission Fund ... a recent rating and review on iTunes and some new monthly financial supporters ... the importance of … Continue reading E-7: The Friday Growl!

GRIZ T-Shirts Change Lives!

GRIZ T-SHIRTS CHANGE LIVES!!! We're not kidding! ... 100% of the proceeds from the sale of our new GRIZ Podcast t-shirts will help provide funds for the construction of a new two-story apartment building in Uganda that will provide housing for families in need. Uganda is an extremely underprivileged-area of the world that needs our … Continue reading GRIZ T-Shirts Change Lives!