Episode 29: Trials – God has a purpose!

In this episode, Jason helps us better understand one of the big reasons why God allows trials into our Christian lives … because He’s chiseling us into better men, manly men, godly men, men of impact.

And to be that kind of a man, God has to send us to the school of pain!

As many of you know, Jason has been battling chronic Lyme Disease, and it’s been one of the most agonizing and frustrating trials that he’s ever been through in his entire life … but God’s been teaching him some powerful stuff that will help you with your own trials.

All of us who are following Christ are going through something hard. That’s just life on the narrow and difficult trail. The only easy day was yesterday!

Episode 18: Take Time to Pray. It’s Manly!

Audio Time = 30:20


In this episode, Jason talks from the heart as to why he often takes time to pray.


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