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E-36: Fire Woman! – Part 2

In this episode, Jason drops more warnings from the book of Proverbs regarding the forbidden woman … the adulteress … the porn star … (AKA … SEXUAL SIN). See specifically Proverbs 7!!! Jason shows us the sobering warning from God's Word that all those who live a life of unrepentant sexual sin are on the… Continue reading E-36: Fire Woman! – Part 2

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E-35: Clear Commands from 1st Peter

In this episode, Jason drops the clear commands from 1st Peter and adds a little of his own commentary.     Please leave a rating and review on iTunes for The GRIZ Podcast – iTunes Link Here   If you’d like to email Jason …     If you’re interested in having Jason speak… Continue reading E-35: Clear Commands from 1st Peter

Wild Side Videos

Fishing and Forgiveness

In this video, J talks fishing and forgiveness. This is WILD SIDE - episode 1 ...     To email Jason ...   For Speaking ...   Leave a rating and review for The Griz Podcast on iTunes ... Link Here   The GRIZ Podcast is an outreach of Narrowtrail Ministries Inc. =… Continue reading Fishing and Forgiveness

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E-32: My Porn Addiction! – Pt. 1

In this episode, Jason is interviewed by Matt Dobschuetz from The PornFree Radio Podcast. Matt is also the Founder of ... where he coaches men in their recovery from porn addiction. In this interview, you're going to hear a lot of Jason's backstory with his childhood and what led him into a porn addiction that began… Continue reading E-32: My Porn Addiction! – Pt. 1

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E-15: The Broken Cistern of Porn! – Part Deux!!!

This episode contains the second part of Jason's recent conversation with the Dobber (Matt Dobschuetz) from The PornFree Radio Podcast and the Founder of If you're a Christian man struggling with porn or sex addiction ... this episode is a must-listen. It will help guide, encourage, and equip you in your fight for recovery… Continue reading E-15: The Broken Cistern of Porn! – Part Deux!!!

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E-13: Your Focus Affects Everything!

  In this episode, Jason helps you understand that your FOCUS affects everything in your life as a man. Whatever things you allow to dominate your attention, desires, and activity … (AKA = your FOCUS) … it will affect every aspect of your life … - Your brain chemistry! - Your feelings/emotions! - Your physical health!… Continue reading E-13: Your Focus Affects Everything!

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E-12: The Crisis of Male Character in America!

  Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Ben Affleck, Brett Ratner, Jeff Hoover, Al Franken, Roy Moore ... and the list keeps growing. It seems like every day another prominent male figure here in America is being exposed for who he really is (behind the scenes) ... And it doesn't matter if they're Republican or Democrat ...… Continue reading E-12: The Crisis of Male Character in America!