Episode 32: Interview with Matt Dobschuetz from Pornfree Radio!

On this episode, Jason interviews Matt Dobschuetz (the Dobber) from Pornfree Radio.

They talk a little football and then get right down to business … as Matt shares his story of going from porn-addiction to sobriety to now helping thousands of men all over the world get free from their own porn-addiction. Matt also gives our listeners some powerful and practical action-steps they can take to overcome porn-addiction.

You don’t want to miss this life-changing episode!

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Episode 31.5: Strong Coffee, Motley Crew, Louie Giglio, & True Grit!

On today’s episode, Jason gives us a little fresh meat as we head into the weekend …

WARNING = He is a little wired on this episode due to consuming way too much of his daughter’s high octane coffee and from listening to Motley Crew’s Kickstart My Heart! 

A dangerous combination for Jason!

Anyway, Jason mainly talks to us about the upcoming TRUE GRIT Men’s Retreat at Monadnock Christian Ministries in New Hampshire – November 10-12.

You and your crew need to do whatever it takes to get to this life-changing event!

Contact Evan Beneviedes at Monadnock Christian Ministries to make it happen …

(603) 532.8321

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You can overcome porn addiction! Period.

You don’t want to miss our upcoming episode of THE GRIZ PODCAST … Episode 32!!!

It will air this upcoming Monday (Sept. 18, 2017) … Jason will be interviewing Matt Dobschuetz from Pornfree Radio about how he overcame porn addiction and is now helping thousands of men do the same!

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Episode 30: Mayweather, McGregor, and Big E!

In this episode, Jason talks about the big super fight between Mayweather and McGregor. He also talks about the importance of guys regularly spending time together doing guy stuff.

Jason also introduces us to Big E … an extraordinary 18-year-old young man who is a far greater fighter than Mayweather and McGregor combined!

If you’re going through any kind of painful trial right now, this episode is sure to encourage and inspire you!

Also, if you’re struggling with falling to porn and masturbation, this episode is sure to encourage and inspire you!


Episode 18: Take Time to Pray. It’s Manly!

Audio Time = 30:20


In this episode, Jason talks from the heart as to why he often takes time to pray.


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Episode 14: Jason shares his Personal Goals for 2017!

For the last three episodes of the GRIZ podcast, Jason’s been talking to you about coming up with your New Year’s Resolutions/Goals … and why you should have them … and how you can achieve them.

Remember … P-SMARTER-P?

On this episode, Jason shares his personal goals for 2017 … SPIRITUAL goals … HEALTH/FITNESS goals … FINANCIAL goals … and MINISTRY goals.

Episode 13: How to Actually Achieve your New Year’s Resolutions! – Pt. 3

To achieve your New Year’s Resolutions (or “GOALS“), you’ve got to learn to P-SMARTER-P. In this episode, Jason digs into the importance of  Time-Framing … EvaluatingReadjusting … and Praying in order to get from where we are to where we need to be.

If you’re having trouble sticking with your New Year’s Resolutions/Goals, then you definitely need to check this out!

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