E-132: GRIZ is All Over the Place!

On this episode, GRIZ talks about ... Riding his new cruiser bike and rocking 80's music.The benefit of doing quality honest work and giving 10% of your income to God's work.His recent fishing adventure - SHARK!Going to the gym and not comparing yourself with other dudes.The inner battle between the GRIZ and the RAT!Guarding against … Continue reading E-132: GRIZ is All Over the Place!

E-115: The American Man-Crisis!

There's a man-crisis here in America.  Where are the men?  The real men?  If you want to know what's truly wrong here in America ... it goes back to men ... or I should say ... the lack of men ... the lack of real men.  That's what Jason is ripping into for this episode … Continue reading E-115: The American Man-Crisis!