E-131: Responding to LGBTQ Pride Month!

On this episode, I (Jason) respond to LGBTQ pride month and everything I could think of that goes with it. Such as … What does LGBTQ mean?Do I celebrate pride month?Do I hate LGBTQ people?Do I boycott places like Starbucks?Why is every major organization and retailer in America showing support of LGBTQ?What's up with … … Continue reading E-131: Responding to LGBTQ Pride Month!

E-124: Balance, DMX, and Understanding Sanctification!

On this episode, Jason talks about needing better balance in his life, the recent death of DMX, and understanding sanctification. Main Scripture = Philippians 1:6 http://www.narrowtrail.com/podcast/0d47a473-f0ad-4230-95b2-60a752a153d4.xml Sign up for Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability and get the first month completely free by using the promo code: "grizzin"

E-123: They Need Us To Be Holy!

In this episode, Jason shares some recent personal struggle/conflict in his own life and family, and talks about how desperately we all need to be holy men of God, not just for ourselves, but also for those around us (especially our wife and children). Scripture reference = 1 Peter 1:13-16 Book reference = Holiness (Unabridged) … Continue reading E-123: They Need Us To Be Holy!