E-56: GRIZ Ramblings and … “Dude, is it wrong to masturbate?”

In this episode, Jason shares a glimpse of what his crazy family really looks like … howling dog (and wife), daughter frantically PMSing, his food and drinks are constantly stolen, mental breakdown is imminent! ūüėā Jason also shares some very important news for The GRIZ Tribe … good things coming! He then responds to recent … More E-56: GRIZ Ramblings and … “Dude, is it wrong to masturbate?”

E-40: Mastering Fear!

In this episode, Jason shares some valuable truth from the new book, Mastering Fear by Navy SEAL, Brandon Webb. Guys, you need to get this incredibly helpful book!!! –¬†Amazon Link¬† Jason also shares some valuable truth on mastering fear from God’s Word, and he makes it clear (again) that we as Christian men constantly need … More E-40: Mastering Fear!

E-15: The Broken Cistern of Porn! – Part Deux!!!

This episode contains the second part of Jason’s recent conversation with the Dobber (Matt Dobschuetz) from The PornFree Radio Podcast and the Founder of RecoveredMan.com If you’re a Christian man struggling with porn or sex addiction … this episode is a must-listen. It will help guide, encourage, and equip you in your fight for recovery … More E-15: The Broken Cistern of Porn! – Part Deux!!!

E-13: Your Focus Affects Everything!

  In this episode, Jason helps you understand that your FOCUS affects everything in your life as a man.¬†Whatever things you allow to dominate your attention, desires, and activity ‚Ķ (AKA = your FOCUS) ‚Ķ it will affect every aspect of your life ‚Ķ – Your brain chemistry! – Your feelings/emotions! – Your physical health! … More E-13: Your Focus Affects Everything!

E-10: The Friday Growl!

In this episode, Jason … drinks strong¬†black¬†coffee in the microphone (as usual) reads a recent rating and review from iTunes talks about the recent episode of The PornFree Radio Podcast practices a new revolutionary anger-management technique invented by Matt Dobschuetz, called OSR¬†Therapy (Old School Rap Therapy), and he actually busts-a-rhyme with LL Cool J (not … More E-10: The Friday Growl!