Episode 197: Man on Purpose! – Interview with George Wehby II

On this episode, I have the privilege of interviewing George Wehby. George is the owner and head instructor at Lion Heart Jiu Jitsu Academy in Birmingham, Alabama. He has over 30-years experience in Martial Arts and has even trained with Hoyce Gracie. He also served as a United States Marine, a Police Officer, and a Federal Air Marshal.

More importantly, George is a devoted follower of Christ, husband, and father of 4 children who is fighting everyday to make a godly impact upon his family and other people. George also serves as a chaplain at an addiction recovery mission in Birmingham, and he disciples Christian men through his Jiu Jitsu academy and also through a program he developed called Man on Purpose which you’ll hear him talk about.

George has an incredible story that definitely motivates me to keep stepping-up and manning-up, and I believe it will for you as well.

Man on Purpose

Brother Brian Mission

Lion Heart Jiu Jitsu Academy

Contact George Wehby II

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