E-138: 9/11 – NEVER FORGET!

On this episode, Jason recalls the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and why he'll never forget. Details of 9/11 taken from Wikipedia.comhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/September_11_attacks http://www.thegrizpodcast.com Email Jason = Jason@narrowtrail.com Become a monthly supporter of The GRIZ Podcast for just $10 per month - http://www.narrowtrail.com/give http://www.narrowtrail.com/podcast/0d47a473-f0ad-4230-95b2-60a752a153d4.xml

E-136: Screwtape Feedback and Processing the Biden/Afghanistan Tragedy!

On this episode, Jason shares some insightful feedback from listeners regarding The Screwtape Investigation - Part 2, and then he dives into what he is processing/learning with the Biden/Afghanistan tragedy. It's a heavy episode. Pray for Afghanistan, Haiti, our military, and our persecuted brothers and sisters. You can email Jason at Jason@Narrowtrail.com http://www.narrowtrail.com/podcast/0d47a473-f0ad-4230-95b2-60a752a153d4.xml

E-135: The Screwtape Investigation – Part 2 – “Don’t Let Them Reason!”

In this episode, Jason gives a brief update on what's been going down in his life this past week, then rips into part 2 of The Screwtape Investigation. If you're going to be successful in this Christian life … You need to know God.You need to know yourself.You need to know the Word of God.You … Continue reading E-135: The Screwtape Investigation – Part 2 – “Don’t Let Them Reason!”