E-155: Tate Myre, A Modern Day Hero!

Tate Myre ... say his name! On Tuesday, November 29, 2021 ... Tate Myre, a 16-year-old high school football player rushed the Oxford High School shooter and sacrificed his own life to save his friends and classmates. Tate is a real hero worth remembering and memorializing! The corrupt main stream media often tries to ignore … Continue reading E-155: Tate Myre, A Modern Day Hero!

E-115: The American Man-Crisis!

There's a man-crisis here in America.  Where are the men?  The real men?  If you want to know what's truly wrong here in America ... it goes back to men ... or I should say ... the lack of men ... the lack of real men.  That's what Jason is ripping into for this episode … Continue reading E-115: The American Man-Crisis!

E-114: God’s In Control – Draw Close To Him – Kill Secret Sin!

There’s some crazy stuff that has gone down here in America lately, and Jason believes more is on the way … and that can be stressful, scary, and disheartening to many … so on this episode he encourages and equips you with the Biblical truth that has been encouraging and equipping him. He also drops … Continue reading E-114: God’s In Control – Draw Close To Him – Kill Secret Sin!

E-83: Nasty Joy Suckers – Part 2

There's no way to go through life without encountering nasty joy-suckers. In this episode, Jason talks about one of those nasty joy-suckers that he allowed to attach itself to his Christian life many years ago, and it caused him major anxiety and panic issues. What was it? It all came down to doubting his salvation … Continue reading E-83: Nasty Joy Suckers – Part 2

E-40: Mastering Fear!

In this episode, Jason shares some valuable truth from the new book, Mastering Fear by Navy SEAL, Brandon Webb. Guys, you need to get this incredibly helpful book!!! - Amazon Link  Jason also shares some valuable truth on mastering fear from God's Word, and he makes it clear (again) that we as Christian men constantly need … Continue reading E-40: Mastering Fear!