Episode 32: Interview with Matt Dobschuetz from Pornfree Radio!

On this episode, Jason interviews Matt Dobschuetz (the Dobber) from Pornfree Radio.

They talk a little football and then get right down to business … as Matt shares his story of going from porn-addiction to sobriety to now helping thousands of men all over the world get free from their own porn-addiction. Matt also gives our listeners some powerful and practical action-steps they can take to overcome porn-addiction.

You don’t want to miss this life-changing episode!

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Episode 21: PORN and PURITY – How can I escape my sinful addiction? – Pt. 3 (Confession to God)


Jason continues to boldly confront the important and relevant issue of PORN and PURITY … and in this episode of THE GRIZ PODCAST, he helps us understand the third biblical thing we need to have/do to truly escape our sinful addiction … CONFESSION to GOD!

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