E-131: Responding to LGBTQ Pride Month!

On this episode, I (Jason) respond to LGBTQ pride month and everything I could think of that goes with it. Such as … What does LGBTQ mean?Do I celebrate pride month?Do I hate LGBTQ people?Do I boycott places like Starbucks?Why is every major organization and retailer in America showing support of LGBTQ?What's up with … … Continue reading E-131: Responding to LGBTQ Pride Month!

E-88: Playing the Whore!

In this episode, Jason shares a recent talk that he gave at a youth winter retreat called "Winter Meltdown" at River Valley Ranch in Manchester, MD. From that talk, he then helps us understand how we as Christian men so often "play the whore" in our relationship with God! Audio File ... Please consider becoming … Continue reading E-88: Playing the Whore!

E-87: The Sexy Super Bowl Halftime Show!

On this episode, Jason goes off about a few things he's sick of, then he reels it in by talking about the Sexy Super Bowl Halftime Show with Shakira and JLo that everyone's talking about. You'll hear some different perspectives regarding it that will hopefully help you understand what you as a Christian man need … Continue reading E-87: The Sexy Super Bowl Halftime Show!