E-19: A Battle Plan for Lust!

Some listeners asked for it, so Jason drops it … this is his revised 2018 Personal Purity Battle Plan.

In this episode, we learn that a strong warrior is a wise warrior who always has a strategic battle plan in place to take down his enemies! When it comes to lust, porn, adultery, etc. . . . . do you have a strategic battle plan in place in your life?

If not, why not?

Dude, you’re a fool if you don’t!

Because a man without a plan is a man who’s planning to fail. Period.

To design a strategic battle plan that fits your life, go to www.recoveredman.com/griz
and let the Dobber (Matt Dobschuetz) help you. Go porn-free in 2018!!!

You can also get one-on-one or group coaching with the Dobber. It’s good stuff!!!

Also, you can get your first month of Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability for free by going to www.covenanteyes.com and using the promo code “GRIZZIN”

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E-15: The Broken Cistern of Porn! – Part Deux!!!

This episode contains the second part of Jason’s recent conversation with the Dobber (Matt Dobschuetz) from The PornFree Radio Podcast and the Founder of RecoveredMan.com

If you’re a Christian man struggling with porn or sex addiction … this episode is a must-listen. It will help guide, encourage, and equip you in your fight for recovery and sobriety.

In this episode, the Dobber specifically talks about …

1. The importance of training ourselves to turn to the source of living water (God) instead of the broken cistern of porn.

2. A very bizarre encounter he had with some sort of evil presence in his apartment at the very beginning of his recovery … he actually felt it’s presence right after he took a major step to prevent himself from looking at porn.

3. What’s really going on when we as men start “dabbling” with stuff that’s not technically “porn” but we know it’s not good … and it’s not godly!

At the end of this episode, Jason also shares some recent ratings and reviews on iTunes … and he also shares an email from one of our listeners that comes all the way from South Africa!!!


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E-1: Interview with Matt Dobschuetz from PornFree Radio!

On this episode, Jason interviews Matt Dobschuetz from PornFree Radio. Matt shares his personal story with porn-addiction, and also provides some extremely helpful ways that guys can overcome porn-addiction. He calls it, “The PornFree Plan that Never Fails!”

To learn more about Matt, his podcast, and his coaching … go to www.pornfreeradio.com

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