Too busy to get help with your porn-addiction? … Really?

Dude, I know you’re busy, but seriously … you (as a man) … you really need to make time to listen to our recent episode of The GRIZ Podcast (episode 32 … link here).


  • Because it’s a freggin’ game-changer!
  • Because it will help you escape your porn addiction!
  • Because it will help you become a better man, boyfriend, fiancé, husband, father, friend, pastor, youth pastor, camp director, school teacher, etc.!


On episode 32, I (Jason) interviewed Matt Dobschuetz (the Founder and Host of Porn-Free Radio … link here), and we not only talked about Matt’s journey from porn-addiction to healing and sobriety … but Matt also lays out what he calls The Porn-Free Plan that NEVER Fails! … and dude … it’s freggin’ gold!

Thus far, episode 32 has been our most downloaded episode of The GRIZ Podcast. In fact, our podcast-stats reveal that this episode has not only been downloaded all over America, but it’s also being downloaded all over the world … Ireland, Austria, Germany, Costa Rica, China, Sweden, and India!

Do you know why?

Because millions of men all over the world are routinely falling to the lure of internet pornography, and many of them are sick of it and their looking for a way out!

We’re here to help you with that!

You can escape porn-addiction and live a porn-free life!

You can become a real man!

You can become a better man!

If you have already listened to episode 32, then please tell a friend (or your men’s group, youth group, happy-hands club, whatever) to check it out, and please take a minute (literally one-minute of your day) to leave us a rating and review on iTunes … link here.

Thank you, and keep on grizzin my brothers,

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Episode 16: PORN and PURITY – Jason’s Story

Audio Length = 36:22

In this episode, Jason gets extremely vulnerable, and shares his personal story of porn addiction, salvation, transformation, falling back into porn, and then the painful and beautiful process of repentance.

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