E-80: Life’s Not Fair!

Life’s not fair. And we must stop expecting it to be fair because that’s not reality. That’s actually a distorted view of the human condition. The sooner we accept this reality (that life’s not fair), the better off we’ll be in overcoming pain, suffering, opposition, and disappointment. Many of us are under the illusion that … Continue reading E-80: Life’s Not Fair!

E-10: The Friday Growl!

In this episode, Jason ... drinks strong black coffee in the microphone (as usual) reads a recent rating and review from iTunes talks about the recent episode of The PornFree Radio Podcast practices a new revolutionary anger-management technique invented by Matt Dobschuetz, called OSR Therapy (Old School Rap Therapy), and he actually busts-a-rhyme with LL Cool J (not … Continue reading E-10: The Friday Growl!