E-139: Seek Out Challenges!

As a Christian man, you need to intentionally and regularly seek out CHALLENGES … mentally, spiritually, and physically. You need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. And on this episode we're going to talk about WHY you need to do that and HOW you can do that in the everyday grind of your life. http://www.rovecoffee.comContinue reading E-139: Seek Out Challenges!

Episode 97: Be a Godly Man! – Pt. 2

In this episode, Jason starts off by sharing an update regarding a recent setback he's been having in his battle with Lyme Disease. After that, he gets right back into what God has been teaching him about what it means to be a Godly Man! On the last episode, Jason emphasized that God did not … Continue reading Episode 97: Be a Godly Man! – Pt. 2