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E-68: Just growling on a few different subjects!

In this episode, Jason talks (growls) about his recent trip to Colorado, evangelism up in the pub, being falsely accused of scratching a deck, the importance of integrity, the power of words, and how he’s just beginning to learn what it means to truly love others.


E-67: The Bait that Hides the Hook! – Part 3 (Don’t be a stupid dog!)

Dude, here is Part 3 of The Bait that Hides the Hook and this is the best one yet! No joke. It’s going to change your life!



The main ideas for the content of these talks on The Bait that Hides the Hook come from the book, Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices by Thomas Brooks, a 16th century Puritan Preacher/Writer.


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E-66: The Bait that Hides the Hook! – Part 2

In this episode Jason continues to talk about what he believes is Satan’s oldest and most effective strategy to take good men down … PRESENTING THE BAIT AND HIDING THE HOOK!

This is part 2, and much of the truth/wisdom behind these talks on Satan’s strategies comes from a 16th century Puritan Preacher/Writer named Thomas Brooks. His book, Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices is a gold mine of wisdom for those of us striving to fight the good fight of faith and purity.


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E-65: Baptist Pastor opens a bar to “reach” people?

In this episode, Jason and the guys from THE GRIZ TRIBE share their opinions regarding a Baptist Pastor opening a bar to “reach” unchurched people.

Is that really the best way to evangelize?



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E-64: The Bait that Hides the Hook – Part 1

In this episode, Jason drops some deep wisdom, warning, and encouragement as you personally battle against the temptations of the enemy. Jason exposes one of the enemy’s oldest and most effective strategies to destroy you  … presenting the bait and hiding the hook. Jason derives this powerful and practical insight in this episode from 16th century Puritan Preacher, John Owens … and from Dr. John MacArthur.

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E-63: I’ve changed the way I view and treat homosexuals!

In this episode, Jason shares some hard-hitting truth as to why he’s changed the way he views and treats homosexuals. He also shares some practical advice on how we should respond if a friend or family member tells us that he/she is gay.


This episode is definitely not suitable for children. Very mature content.




E-62: Dating Tips for Christian Young People!

At the beginning of this episode, Jason shares what’s been going on with him and his battle with Chronic Lyme Disease. He also shares a little about beginning the Keto Diet to see if it will help him feel better.

BUT … the majority of this episode is Jason sharing Dating Tips for Christian young people …


Tip #1 … Your love and devotion to God should be your first priority (not dating, not a boy or girl)!


Tip #2 … Your dating relationship should glorify God in every way (conversations, text-messages, letters, physical contact, etc.) … and if it doesn’t, fix it … or end it!


Tip #3 … Christians should only date another Christian who is striving to love God first and foremost because that’s the kind of person God wants us to marry. 


Tip #4 … Find out how your parents honestly feel about the person you want to date?


Tip #5 … You really don’t NEED a girlfriend or boyfriend … so NEVER settle for someone who is not up to par.


Tip #6 … Always focus on being a good friend to the person you’re dating, not on romance!


Tip #7 … Really get to know the person before you begin dating him/her!


Tip #8 … Do group dates and/or always keep your dates public where you can be monitored.


Tip #9 … Have someone godly holding you accountable in your dating relationship who is routinely asking you the hard/personal questions … could be a parent, youth leader, pastor, etc.


Tip #10 … Girls, ask him if he looks at porn. If he does or if you find out that he does, dump him and tell him that you’ll only be his friend … and tell him there will be no dating at all until he confesses his sinful addiction to a spiritual leader like a pastor, youth pastor, or counselor who can help him overcome that addiction. This will motivate him and let him know that his sinful addiction is causing him to lose out on good things like you! Plus, he will bring you down!


Tip #11 … Guys, never ask a girl for nudes or any kind of sexy pictures! Period. You’re not manly if you do that. You’re being a selfish pervert. Girls, if he does that, dump him immediately!


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