50 Questions I Often Ask Myself!

1) Am I beginning my day with Bible reading and prayer?

2) Am I staying focused on the things of God – the eternal – what really matters?

3) Am I enjoying my relationship with my Heavenly Father?

4) Is there an area of my life where I’m flat-out disobeying God?

5) Am I thinking more highly of myself than I ought to think? Am I proud? Arrogant? Cocky?

6) Am I giving others the impression that I’m better or godlier than I really am? In other words, am I a hypocrite?

7) Am I consistently putting the interests/needs of others before my own … starting with my wife and kids?

8) Can others trust me to keep things confidential?

9) Can others depend on me to be a man of my word?

10) Am I consistently looking for ways to share the gospel with lost people and also praying for their salvation?

11) Am I going to bed on time and getting up on time?

12) Am I financially living within my means or am I spending more than I’m making?

13) Am I giving a percentage of my income to advance the work of God in this broken world?

14) Am I saving a percentage of my income?

15) Am I avoiding debt?

16) Am I tracking my spending (personal, work, ministry)?

17) Am I living simple, content, and thankful?

18) Am I enjoying the things God’s already blessed me with?

19) Am I jealous of someone?

20) Am I critical or resentful of someone?

21) Am I complaining?

22) Am I wasting time?

23) Am I staying organized?

24) Am I talking more than listening? … Quick to hear, slow to speak?

25) Am I consistently exercising and eating healthy? … Am I taking care of God’s temple?

26) Am I consistently taking time to rest and have fun?

27) Am I learning from my failures, mistakes, sins, and then letting them go?

28) Am I daily communicating with my wife?

29) Am I daily encouraging my wife?

30) Am I daily helping my wife with the house, bills, kids, etc.?

31) Am I spending some alone time with my wife at least once per week (date night, coffee, walks, etc.)?

32) Am I daily connecting with all three of my kids?

33) Am I daily encouraging my kids?

34) Am I regularly evangelizing/guiding my kids with my life and words?

35) Am I daily praying for my kids?

36) Am I intentionally avoiding places/things that might tempt me?

37) Am I bouncing my eyes away from alluring people and/or images?

38) Am I entertaining lustful thoughts?

39) Am I avoiding media that contains sexuality, nudity, sexual innuendos, crude humor, etc.?

40) Am I avoiding boredom and intentionally keeping myself busy with good things?

41) Am I talking or joking about sexually perverse things?

42) Am I avoiding being alone with members of the opposite sex?

43) Am I keeping up with my daily accountability check-ins with my accountability partner?

44) Am I being totally honest with my accountability partner?

45) Am I maintaining weekly fellowship with other Christian men?

46) Is Covenant Eyes monitoring all of my Internet devices: computer, phone, iPad, etc.?

47) Is my iPhone restricted and locked-up with a password that I don’t know?

48) Am I consistently checking on my friends?

49) Am I consistently praying for my friends?

50) Did I answer all of these questions with complete honesty?


My brothers, check ya self before ya wreck ya self!

– Jason (the GRIZ)

Written by Jason T. George for THE GRIZ TRIBE. Copyright 2019. Narrowtrail Ministries Inc. – and