E-143: Battling Sexual Lust!

The number one sin struggle for most Christian men is sexual temptation. You've heard the old saying ... "Failing to plan is planning to fail." Well, that is especially true when it comes to sexual temptation/sin. Christian men need a personal purity battle plan (especially those of us with a background of sexual/porn addiction). I … Continue reading E-143: Battling Sexual Lust!

E-142: The Father We Need!

On this episode Jason shares some listener emails and then rips into the fact that not only do boys need fathers, but grown men do as well. Our human biological fathers fall short, but our Heavenly Father provides all that we need to navigate successfully through this life on earth. God actually desires to father … Continue reading E-142: The Father We Need!

E-141: This Is Not The Christian Life I Want!

For many of us, our Christian life is not going the way we want it to. Difficult and painful things have left us disillusioned, frustrated, angry, anxious, even depressed. I get it. I'm living it! Truth is … You can't control everything that happens to you - your marriage - your family - your ministry … Continue reading E-141: This Is Not The Christian Life I Want!