Episode 201: The Life of Joseph – Part 4 – You Choose Your Response!

On this episode, we are back ripping into the amazing life of Joseph. This is part 4 of a series … and this is where the hurricane finally hits Joseph … where his whole world is turned upside down! BUT God has an incredible plan that He’s working through all of it.

And God also has an incredible plan that He wants to work in and through your life if you will simply trust Him and obey Him through whatever hurricanes that you face. You have a choice to make. You always have a choice to make. Every single day you have a choice to make.

We can’t always determine WHAT happens to us, but we can always determine HOW we RESPOND to what happens to us.

You can chose your response and your response is what makes all the difference. When the hurricane rocked Joseph’s life, he chose to respond humbly, manly, godly, wisely … and it brought about an amazing miracle that saved countless lives … and we need to learn from him!

Genesis 37.

Song at the beginning of this episode is Because He Lives by The Gospel Plowboys. 2016 Mountain Fever Studios Inc. https://gospelplowboys.com

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