Episode 193: The Life of Joseph – Part 2 – Sins of the Father!

On this episode we dive back into the Life of Joseph and talk some more about his father Jacob. Jacob made some extremely foolish decisions that caused major problems in his family. We need to learn from his mistakes so that we don’t make those same mistakes and damage our own families.

Biblical Professor/Author Michael A. Milton rightly said, “The rebellious nature of one generation will have an invariable effect upon the following generation and even the generation after that.” I believe the reverse of that is also true (let me flip the coin) … Biblical Professor GRIZ rightly said, “The godly nature of one generation will have an invariable effect upon the following generation and even the generation after that.”


That’s manly!

That’s grizzin!

Scripture Referenced in this episode …

  • Gen. 37:1-3
  • Gal. 6:7-8
  • Ex. 20:5
  • Num. 14:18
  • Deut. 5:9-10
  • Jer. 32:17-18
  • Matt. 19:5-6
  • Eph. 6:4
  • Gen. 49:3-4

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E-203: The Life of Joseph – Part 5 – Secrets of Real Success! THE GRIZ PODCAST

You want to be successful. We all do. But what is real success in light of eternity? When you stand before God on judgment day to give account of how you lived your Christian life … what will "success" look like on that day? On this episode of The GRIZ Podcast, we dive back into the life of Joseph, and we see that he was a successful man because God made him successful. We need to better understand what that means. SECRETS OF REAL SUCCESS … Secret #1 … If you're pursuing success apart from God, its vanity! Secret #2 … Your current position in life does not determine your success. God does. Secret #3 … The path to success is not pain and problem free (even when God is in it). Secret #4 … The path to success is to continually trust and obey God even when no one is watching and even when it doesn't make sense. Main Scripture: Genesis 39:1-13 ———- Support the show by making a donation to our non-profit. https://app.clovergive.com/App/Giving/clodo-narrowtrail ———- We have a new Climb Team starting soon. Climb Teams are weekly online small group meetings for Christian men who need support, guidance, encouragement, and accountability in the battle against porn and other sexual sins. They're safe, confidential, and extremely helpful. Learn more … http://narrowtrail.com/climb-teams info@narrowtrail.com ——— Please leave us a rating and review wherever you listen to The GRIZ Podcast and share this episode with a friend or men's group who needs it. ——— GROWL!
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