Episode 189: Interview with Nate Larkin – Part 2 – Finding Freedom and Healing in Community!

This is part 2 of my interview with Nate Larkin. Nate is an author and the Founder of the Samson Society. He is also one of the hosts of the Pirate Monk Podcast and the Positive Sobriety Podcast.

In this interview, Nate continues to share his story of how he went from porn addiction to prostitutes to his wife becoming clinically depressed due to their failing marriage … and all of that while he was serving in pastoral ministry.

We pick up at the part where his wife eventually catches him in his sin.

The truth comes out, and she’s done!

That crisis was a turning-point for Nate. It ended up being one the best things that ever happened to him because it led him to seek out a recovery group where he found freedom and healing.

To learn more about Nate and his ministry, go to www.samsonsociety.com

To learn more about joining one of our online Climb Teams for support and accountability with porn and other unwanted sexual behaviors, go to www.narrowtrail.com

Contact us at info@grizpodcast

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