Episode 174: Interview with Michael Talley – From Soldier to Pastor!

On this episode, I have the privilege to interview Michael Talley. Mike is a devoted follower of Christ, Husband, Father, Air Force Vet with three tours in Iraq, one in Afghanistan, and one in South Korea. He is also a Church Planter/Pastor in Thornton, Colorado at Church 8025. We talk about basketball, the outdoors, family, parenting, preparing for ministry, and why so many churches in America are failing at actually “BEING” the church. Enjoy.

Connect with Michael Talley on Social Media = @mtalley23 
Email = michael@church8025.com 
Website = www.church8025.com

Book mentioned: Deep Discipleship by J.T. English – https://www.amazon.com/Deep-Discipleship-Church-Whole-Disciples/dp/1535993529

The GRIZ Podcast is an outreach of Narrowtrail Ministries Inc. – www.narrowtrail.com

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