I’m not proud of it, but in my late thirties and into my forties I accumulated a mountain of debt. At that time in my life, I admit that wasn’t living as wise, self-controlled, and disciplined as I should have been as a Christian man. Several areas of my life were not in check at that time … and my money management was one of those areas … and as a result, I accumulated a mountain of debt that overwhelmed me, embarrassed me, and felt impossible to conquer. Many of you listening have been there. Some of you are there right now.

This episode will help you. I’m going to share with you the steps that I took to conquer that mountain of debt. I have been debt free for several years now, and I’m telling you … it’s a wonderful feeling.

I want you to know that if I did it, you can do it too!!!

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E-170: Don't be a Pig! THE GRIZ PODCAST

Don't be a pig! Christian men end up in the pigpen because they choose to do their own thing rather than follow God's clear commands. We have to see past the temporary pleasure of sin to what lies on the other side of it (the painful nasty pigpen). See Luke 15:11-32. I also share some great leadership advice from Navy SEAL, Mike Day. Get his book, "Perfectly Wounded: A Memoir About What Happens After A Miracle." … Amazon Link – https://www.amazon.com/Perfectly-Wounded-Memoir-Happens-Miracle/dp/1538701839 Check out our closed Facebook Group for like-minded Christian men who are stepping-up and manning-up. It's called "The GRIZ Tribe." Become a monthly supporter of The GRIZ Podcast for just $10 or $20 per month. Go to http://www.narrowtrail.com/give to set that up. It's completely safe, secure, and easy to do. To learn more about one-on-one coaching with Jason or about our new online support/accountability groups … go to http://www.narrowtrail.com Sign-up for THE GROWL – a weekly email that Jason sends out to help Christian men. Sign-up for Covenant Eyes and get the first month completely free by using the promo code "grizzin." … http://www.covenanteyes.com
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