E-137: The Screwtape Investigation – Part 3 – The Reality of False Conversion!

On this episode of The GRIZ Podcast we are back investigating C.S. Lewis’ classic literary work, The Screwtape Letters, and we begin taking a look at Letter #2 from old Screwtape to his demon nephew … Wormwood.

This letter is packed full of interesting and valuable talking points – too many to cover in just one episode. So what Jason focuses on for this episode is this creepy idea that Screwtape mentions at the beginning of letter #2 about demons being able to “reclaim” a Christian convert from God’s kingdom and bring them back into their own kingdom of darkness.

What the heck is that? …

What is C.S. Lewis alluding to with this? …

Does this imply that a believer can lose his salvation? …

Does this mean that demons may have the power to “reclaim” believers out of God’s kingdom and back into their kingdom of darkness?

These are very good questions that need a well thought-out biblical response and that’s what Jason provides.

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