E-131: Responding to LGBTQ Pride Month!

On this episode, I (Jason) respond to LGBTQ pride month and everything I could think of that goes with it.

Such as …

  • What does LGBTQ mean?
  • Do I celebrate pride month?
  • Do I hate LGBTQ people?
  • Do I boycott places like Starbucks?
  • Why is every major organization and retailer in America showing support of LGBTQ?
  • What’s up with … “Love is love”?
  • Will more letters be added to “LGBTQ”?
  • Should biological men be in women sports?
  • Is it wrong for a man to love another man or a woman to love another woman?
  • What’s God’s design/plan for human sexuality and sexual pleasure?
  • What’s God’s warning to the sexually immoral?
  • Guess what? I’m also guilty of homosexual sin!
  • Is Jesus the answer to our sin and brokenness?
  • What does it mean to believe and repent?

E-133: ZZ Top, Ready to Divorce, and Spiritual Warfare! THE GRIZ PODCAST

On this episode, Jason gives a karaoke tribute to the late Dusty Hill from ZZ Top, then he brings some Romans 12 and 13 and shares why he was ready to divorce his wife this past week – the enemy was attacking! – See Ephesians 6:12. And that all serves as a Segway into a new series of episodes that Jason is going to to do on The Screwtape Letters (the book by C.S. Lewis). Bam! Please leave GRIZ a rating and review on iTunes. Email GRIZ at Jason@narrowtrail.com Sign up for Covenant Eyes and use the promo code "grizzin" to get your first 30-days completely free just to try it out! – http://www.covenanteyes.com This podcast would not be possible without the faithful support of listeners like you. Become a monthly supporter of The GRIZ Podcast for just $10 per month. It's safe and secure. – http://www.narrowtrail.com/give
  1. E-133: ZZ Top, Ready to Divorce, and Spiritual Warfare!
  2. E-132: GRIZ is All Over The Place!
  3. E-131: Responding to LGBTQ Pride Month!
  4. E-130: Attacked by Cicadas and Deer … And the Bodacious Benefits of Cold Showers!
  5. E-129: Be a Monster! Stop Bottling Up! Divorce Bad Friends!

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