E-116: I’m Not A Victim. I’m A Warrior!

On this episode of the GRIZ Podcast, Jason shares about a recent HORRIBLE DAY that he had with his on-going battle with late-stage chronic Lyme Disease and how he CHOSE to respond to it … and then he gives you some much needed motivation for the battle that you’re currently facing. You’re battling something if you’re genuinely following Jesus. This ain’t the wide/easy road we’re traveling brothers. Oh no, we are climbing the narrow and difficult trail that leads to eternal life! And you must refuse to be a victim. You must adopt a warrior mentality if you’re going to overcome! Let’s go!

E-119: The Irritable Frustrated Funk! THE GRIZ PODCAST

Sometimes I'm frustrated and irritable. Life bothers me. People bother me. Politicians bother me. Media bothers me. I bother me. I long for an escape. I long for something better. The truth is … What I'm really longing for is Heaven! Revelation 21 and Colossians 3:1-3 Protect yourself and your family online with Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability. Use the promo code "grizzin" and get the first 30-days completely free. http://www.covenanteyes.com Become a monthly supporter of The GRIZ Podcast. Go to http://www.narrowtrail.com/give to sign up. Thank you for your support!
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  4. E-116: I'm Not A Victim. I'm A Warrior!
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