E-116: I’m Not A Victim. I’m A Warrior!

On this episode of the GRIZ Podcast, Jason shares about a recent HORRIBLE DAY that he had with his on-going battle with late-stage chronic Lyme Disease and how he CHOSE to respond to it … and then he gives you some much needed motivation for the battle that you’re currently facing. You’re battling something if you’re genuinely following Jesus. This ain’t the wide/easy road we’re traveling brothers. Oh no, we are climbing the narrow and difficult trail that leads to eternal life! And you must refuse to be a victim. You must adopt a warrior mentality if you’re going to overcome! Let’s go!

E-130: Attacked by Cicadas and Deer … And the Bodacious Benefits of Cold Showers! THE GRIZ PODCAST

On this episode, Jason shares the true story of how cicadas and deer have formed an alliance to personally attack him. He also shares the bodacious benefits of taking cold showers … and even records himself buck-naked in a cold shower. It's sure to change your life! Rated MA for Mature Audiences. Not suitable for children. Just saying! Email – Jason@Narrowtrail.com Become a monthly supporter of our ministry – http://www.narrowtrail.com/give
  1. E-130: Attacked by Cicadas and Deer … And the Bodacious Benefits of Cold Showers!
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