E-106: The Greatest Enemy of the Spiritual Life with Matt Dobschuetz!

In this episode, Matt Dobschuetz (AKA = The Dobber) from The PornFree Radio Podcast is going to share with you what he believes is the greatest enemy of the spiritual life.

Matt lives in Chicago with his wife and two sons. He is a life-long Chicago Bears fan so he says he knows a thing or two about “grizzin.” However, we aren’t so sure that Dobber has figured out what “grizzin” truly means. Please pray for him.

Seriously though, this episode is going to be a big help and encouragement to you guys.

Thanks Dobber for bringing the meat!

E-119: The Irritable Frustrated Funk! THE GRIZ PODCAST

Sometimes I'm frustrated and irritable. Life bothers me. People bother me. Politicians bother me. Media bothers me. I bother me. I long for an escape. I long for something better. The truth is … What I'm really longing for is Heaven! Revelation 21 and Colossians 3:1-3 Protect yourself and your family online with Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability. Use the promo code "grizzin" and get the first 30-days completely free. http://www.covenanteyes.com Become a monthly supporter of The GRIZ Podcast. Go to http://www.narrowtrail.com/give to sign up. Thank you for your support!
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2 thoughts on “E-106: The Greatest Enemy of the Spiritual Life with Matt Dobschuetz!

  1. Hi Jason:
    My name is Ted, 57-yr-old Marine, combat with PTSD/MST. Much of me doesn’t make sense to me. If that makes sense.

    I really enjoy your podcasts although I don’t always agree with you.

    However, I admire your strength and wisdom. You’re placing yourself out there as a Christian man and Warrior. I wish I could be that strong as well.

    Stay healthy, despite your Lyme Disease dilemma, Stay strong in your faith. Stay strong in producing your podcasts!


    1. Hey Ted, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. Thank you also for your service and sacrifice to our country. The Marines are some tough dudes and I’m grateful for them. Several of my friends serve in the USMC. PTSD is real and extremely tough. I’ve dealt with it too, but not related to war – some other traumas in my life. Keep your eyes on Christ and lean hard on Him and on brothers in Christ.

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