E-103: Why I’m Voting for Trump! – Reason #2 – 2nd Amendment

On this episode, Jason shares reason #2 as to why he is personally choosing to vote for a Trump/Pence administration over a Harris/Biden administration … and it’s all about respecting and protecting the 2nd Amendment!

E-105: The Manliest Thing You'll Ever Do! THE GRIZ PODCAST

In this episode, Jason talks about the manliest thing you'll ever do … which is to love other human beings the way that God loves you. You gotta listen to learn more. This is powerful biblical and practical stuff for Christian men. The music at the end of this episode is by Jonas Woods. Here is the iTunes link – https://music.apple.com/us/album/whispers/1449206226 Jonas Woods website for booking info … https://www.jonaswoods.net Please become a member of the $10 per month club! Your $10 per month donation will help us grow and expand our impact around the world. Go to https://narrowtrail.com/give to set that up. It's completely safe and secure. Overcome porn addiction. Become a member of Covenant Eyes by going to https://covenanteyes.com and when you sign up, use the promo code GRIZZIN to get the first 30-days completely free to try it out.
  1. E-105: The Manliest Thing You'll Ever Do!
  2. E-104: An Angry Listener and Why I'm Still Voting for Trump! – Reason #3
  3. E-103: Why I'm Voting for Trump! – Part 2 – 2nd Amendment
  4. E-102: Why I'm Voting for Trump! – Reason #1

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