Episode 97: Be a Godly Man! – Pt. 2

In this episode, Jason starts off by sharing an update regarding a recent setback he’s been having in his battle with Lyme Disease. After that, he gets right back into what God has been teaching him about what it means to be a Godly Man!

On the last episode, Jason emphasized that God did not just save us just to give us forgiveness of sins and eternal life in Heaven. He also saved us to change us – transform us – and make us a “new creation in Christ” (AKA = A Godly Man) – See 2 Corinthians 5:17.

On this episode, we learn that we cannot sit back and wait on God to miraculously zap us into godliness. That’s not going to happen. We have to TAKE ACTION and go after it. It’s not easy. It’s not comfortable. It’s going to be a fight. There will be opposition. But it’s worth it in the end. The blessings and impact are much more than we realize.

The first action that we need to take is …


How do we do that?

#1 … Be a Man of the Word!

#2 … Be a Man of Prayer!

Audio File …

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