E-94: The Spiritual Danger of Social Distancing!

In this episode, Jason shares how he’s not been doing very well physically, mentally, or spiritually. He shares how he fell into a spiritual rut over the last few months and how “social distancing” greatly contributed to that.

He’s painfully learned that we have to do whatever it takes to regularly meet with our brothers in Christ for encouragement, fellowship, prayer, worship, teaching, etc. … even if it’s just some sort of online zoom meeting. Scripture Reference = Hebrews 10:24-26.

You’ll then hear an encouraging word from Matt Dobschuetz (the Host of the Porn Free Radio Podcast). He also talks about the dangers of “social distancing” and shares how Rev Group Coaching can help give you the connection and guidance that you need to live free. He also offers a sweet deal to any members of the GRIZ Tribe who sign up.

At the close of this episode, you’ll hear another encouraging word from a listener to The GRIZ Podcast who is celebrating ONE YEAR living porn-free! His testimony is extremely powerful and motivating.

Audio File …

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