E-89: Spending Daily Time with God (and Men aren’t Toxic)!

On this episode, Jason talks about the importance of spending daily time with God … in prayer, in His Word, meditating, worshipping, etc. This was the example Jesus left for His disciples. Everything good in our Christian life flows out of that fellowship. We need to move away from the “religious approach” to God and move towards the relational approach. He is our Father and we are His sons, and He wants to constantly guide us, correct us, encourage us, and comfort us.

At the end of this episode, Jason shares a powerful article, entitled Stop Lying About Our Sons written by Erica Sanzi. Dude, she nails it!

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2 thoughts on “E-89: Spending Daily Time with God (and Men aren’t Toxic)!

  1. Good stuff here!

    Where you at though brother. hoping for another drop during these crazy days of tribulation….

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