E-86: UNDEFEATED – Part 2

In this episode, Jason talks about 3 reasons why God allows pain and suffering in the life of a Christian. He then continues to share some deep and extremely personal details about the most difficult and agonizing weekend of ministry that he’s ever experienced in all his years of ministry … it was at ENCOUNTER-2020 at Monadnock Christian Ministries in Jaffrey, New Hampshire!

It was a non-stop battle the entire weekend (and even in the days leading up to the weekend), but God ultimately won the battle and many lives were eternally changed … and you’ll get to hear about some of that at the close of this episode.


Music at the beginning of this episode is the song UNDEFEATED by SKILLET off their album UNLEASHEDiTunes Link Here.

Music at the end of this episode is by Noah George. The song is Girl from the North Country by Bob Dylan.

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