E-84: Nasty Joy Suckers – Part 3

In this episode, Jason shares another nasty joy sucker that is common among Christians … HARBORING SECRET SIN! This is a joy sucker that Jason knows all too well from his own personal life experience and from also working with young men for over two decades.

Harboring secret sin will completely suck the joy out of your Christian life if you’re a genuine Christian. If you harbor secret sin and it doesn’t bother you and suck the joy out of your Christian life, then there’s no way you’re a genuine Christian! Don’t kid yourself.

King David definitely experienced this nasty joy sucker. He tried to harbor several secret sins and he was absolute miserable trying to do so. See Psalm 38 and 51.

The best way to avoid this nasty joy sucker is to keep yourself at the greatest distance from sin. Don’t even go near it. Run from it and run towards the good things of God! Constantly!

And if you’re already dealing with this particular nasty joy sucker, then the best way to get rid of it is to bring it to the lightCONFESS IT!

Sin will always have power over you as long as you keep it secret.

You’ve got to bring it to the light to kill it. Don’t just confess it to God, but also confess it to a trusted spiritual leader who can help you overcome it. Do it!

“Kill sin or sin will be killing you.” – John Owen

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