50 Questions I Often Ask Myself!

1) Am I beginning my day with Bible reading and prayer?

2) Am I staying focused on the things of God – the eternal – what really matters?

3) Am I enjoying my relationship with my Heavenly Father?

4) Is there an area of my life where I’m flat-out disobeying God?

5) Am I thinking more highly of myself than I ought to think? Am I proud? Arrogant? Cocky?

6) Am I giving others the impression that I’m better or godlier than I really am? In other words, am I a hypocrite?

7) Am I consistently putting the interests/needs of others before my own … starting with my wife and kids?

8) Can others trust me to keep things confidential?

9) Can others depend on me to be a man of my word?

10) Am I consistently looking for ways to share the gospel with lost people and also praying for their salvation?

11) Am I going to bed on time and getting up on time?

12) Am I financially living within my means or am I spending more than I’m making?

13) Am I giving a percentage of my income to advance the work of God in this broken world?

14) Am I saving a percentage of my income?

15) Am I avoiding debt?

16) Am I tracking my spending (personal, work, ministry)?

17) Am I living simple, content, and thankful?

18) Am I enjoying the things God’s already blessed me with?

19) Am I jealous of someone?

20) Am I critical or resentful of someone?

21) Am I complaining?

22) Am I wasting time?

23) Am I staying organized?

24) Am I talking more than listening? … Quick to hear, slow to speak?

25) Am I consistently exercising and eating healthy? … Am I taking care of God’s temple?

26) Am I consistently taking time to rest and have fun?

27) Am I learning from my failures, mistakes, sins, and then letting them go?

28) Am I daily communicating with my wife?

29) Am I daily encouraging my wife?

30) Am I daily helping my wife with the house, bills, kids, etc.?

31) Am I spending some alone time with my wife at least once per week (date night, coffee, walks, etc.)?

32) Am I daily connecting with all three of my kids?

33) Am I daily encouraging my kids?

34) Am I regularly evangelizing/guiding my kids with my life and words?

35) Am I daily praying for my kids?

36) Am I intentionally avoiding places/things that might tempt me?

37) Am I bouncing my eyes away from alluring people and/or images?

38) Am I entertaining lustful thoughts?

39) Am I avoiding media that contains sexuality, nudity, sexual innuendos, crude humor, etc.?

40) Am I avoiding boredom and intentionally keeping myself busy with good things?

41) Am I talking or joking about sexually perverse things?

42) Am I avoiding being alone with members of the opposite sex?

43) Am I keeping up with my daily accountability check-ins with my accountability partner?

44) Am I being totally honest with my accountability partner?

45) Am I maintaining weekly fellowship with other Christian men?

46) Is Covenant Eyes monitoring all of my Internet devices: computer, phone, iPad, etc.?

47) Is my iPhone restricted and locked-up with a password that I don’t know?

48) Am I consistently checking on my friends?

49) Am I consistently praying for my friends?

50) Did I answer all of these questions with complete honesty?


My brothers, check ya self before ya wreck ya self!

– Jason (the GRIZ)

Written by Jason T. George for THE GRIZ TRIBE. Copyright 2019. Narrowtrail Ministries Inc. – www.narrowtrail.com and www.thegrizpodcast.com

One thought on “50 Questions I Often Ask Myself!

  1. Looks like a road map towards perfection….except for 1 thing….can we do all of these?
    Praise God !
    …..we do good for awhile, then eventually drop the ball, or slip up, Then Father helps us recognize it, ask forgiveness, and get back at it again. Thanks for this list bro…a timely reminder .

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