E-53: GRIZ responds to Gillette!

In this episode, Jason reviews the full content and the unclear message conveyed by the new Gillette commercial that targets “men.”


He also shares some responses from members of THE GRIZ TRIBE (a closed facebook group for men). At the conclusion of this episode, he shares a few of his own observations/thoughts regarding the commercial and gives Gillette some serious truths to consider!


Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.


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Scene of boys fighting in the commercial , but no one knows why.


Gillette has always had a modest and non-offensive way of advertising. Sarcasm!



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One thought on “E-53: GRIZ responds to Gillette!

  1. This was spot on and exactly the clarity I needed. Thank you for your efforts in helping us navigate this…relevant, poignant, convicting and honest.

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