E-50: Habits – Pt. 1 … New Year’s Resolutions are not enough!

New Year’s “resolutions” or “goals” are not enough! Men need a system of good habits that will steadily move them to their desired goal/results … like … overcoming the addiction, writing the book, earning that degree, losing the 40 pounds, getting out of debt, purchasing your first home, getting that girl to go out with you … you fill in the blank. New Year’s “resolutions” or “goals” are not enough. We need a system of good habits that will steadily lead us to our desired results … and that takes much time. There is no quick-fix. There is no “hack.” It’s all about good habits … consistently … over the long haul.

In this episode, Jason begins sharing what he is learning from the New York Times Best Seller, Atomic Habits by James Clear.


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