E-48: Don’t Quit!

In this episode, Jason gets up in your grill about QUITTING on the good and noble pursuits in your life. Brace yourself!


He also responds to some recent emails from listeners.


The song at the end of this episode is called “No Quit” by Artist, Derek Minor – here is the iTunes link – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/no-quit/1282158185?i=1282158187


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2 thoughts on “E-48: Don’t Quit!

  1. Hi Jason. Ever since Encounter 2020 at Monadnock Christian Ministries, I have been listening to your podcasts. I started at the beginning with Episode 1 and have been working my way through the titles. I have been forwarding them on to my husband and teenage son hoping it will encourage, motivate, challenge, and inspire them in their walks with God.

    This episode really struck a chord with me. When I started high school, my parents moved to a new town and I had to attend a new school. I decided to try out for the basketball team. It was tough on many levels. Though practices were physically demanding, I found that there was an emotional and spiritual component playing into things as well. I was the “new girl” trying to find her place with a tight knit team of girls who had been playing together since elementary school.

    “The rat” as you described in your podcast started making a lot of negative dialogue in my brain. I went to my parents and asked them if I could quit the team. Both of them agreed that if that is what I wanted to do, then they were ok with it. In the moment, I was relieved and thankful. I went to my coach to let him know my decision. He asked me to keep books for the team instead.

    I look back on that decision as one of the WORST decisions I ever made and I actually have felt a sense of betrayal by my folks that they let me take the easy way out and didn’t push me to try to sick it out (at least finish the season). I robbed myself of the opportunity to dig deep and finish to the end. I never got to see what I could accomplish with determination and hard work. I have always wondered how much I could have contributed to the team and the growth that the opportunity could have allowed me to experience.

    The positive thing that has come out of it though is that I NEVER want to feel that way ever again! God has used that experience to grow me and help me persevere when life’s challenges come my way. Whether in marriage, parenting, work stuff, church stuff… I want meet that challenge head on and to see it through to the end. It has helped me lean into God when I reach a point that “the rat” starts talking. It has taught me to hold my kids accountable to the commitments they make and see them through to the end. I can see that it wasn’t for nothing, but it sure was a painful experience. I wish I could be sitting on the side you are and know and feel what it’s like to stick things out and reap the rewards of that, but I can’t take it back.

    Thank you for the podcast. Very encouraging and motivating. You’ve got a gift Jason. Please keep sharing it.


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