E-28: How do I lead my family? – Pt. 2

In this episode, Jason dives even deeper into the question …

“How do I lead my family?”

It’s a question that Jason is asking God for himself, and he’s simply sharing what God is teaching him.

Here are four facts that Jason has dropped on us …

Fact #1 … God has appointed YOU (the man – the husband – the father) to be the spiritual leader of your family.

Fact #2 … There is no duty, responsibility, or mission in your life that’s more important or more sacred than your role as the spiritual leader of your family.

Fact #3 … Jesus is the ultimate and perfect example of how a man needs to lead his family.

Fact #4 … You (the spiritual leader of your family) must love God first and foremost.

If you have questions or comments for Jason, you can email him at Jason@Narrowtrail.com

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