E-27: How do I lead my family? – Pt. 1


“How do I lead my family?”

That’s a question that I hear from a lot of young married men, and it’s a great question to ask. It’s actually a question that all of us need to be asking if we’re husbands and fathers (no matter how old we are). And it’s a great question to ask if you plan to one day be a husband and father. Heck, it’s a question I’m still asking and still trying to figure out. That’s what we begin diving into in this episode.

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One thought on “E-27: How do I lead my family? – Pt. 1

  1. Wow! This is 👍 good! I am able to identify with that group of jacked up dad’s who fall into the ‘ass’ category…been there plenty.
    Now, I still have a long way to go. Perhaps the top 5% of my former “proud-ass” ways have been burned away by God’s fire.
    Thanks Jason for this reminder of what I might be doing right in some areas, and what needs to be improved upon in others.
    God us faithful.

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