E-20: Dealing with Depression – Pt. 2 – Causes of Depression!


In this episode, Jason updates us on what’s going down in his life and then he continues to talk to us about DEPRESSION (the FUNK) … he specifically talks about the possible CAUSES of DEPRESSION

Cause #1 … Total Depravity (this is the root cause of all causes of depression).

Cause #2 … Pent-Up Anger/Bitterness/Unforgiveness.

Cause #3 … Wrong View of Self.

Cause #4 … Not regularly Connecting with your Brothers from other mothers.

Cause #5 … Lack of Intimacy with God (your Heavenly Father).

Cause #6 … You’re the OCD/Perfectionist type.

Cause #7 … False Guilt.

Cause #8 … True Guilt.

Cause #9 … PTSD (Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder).

Cause #10 … Way too much Stress and Anxiety in your Life.

Cause #11 … Not getting enough Rest/Sleep.

Cause #12 … Not Enjoying the Good Pleasures in Life.

Cause #13 … Personal Loss.

Cause #14 … Medical/Biological Issues.

Cause #15 … Poor Diet & Fitness.

Cause #16 … Demonic Oppression/Attack.

Cause #17 … The Unknown Reason.

If your depression is so bad that you’re thinking suicidal thoughts, then today (TODAY!!!), you need to reach out to a trained and licensed Christian counselor or therapist. There’s no shame in that. Jason has been there and done that and it’s helped him BIGTIME!

If you have any input, feedback, or questions on this topic, you can leave a comment or you can email Jason at Jason@narrowtrail.com

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