E-17: Dealing with Depression – Pt. 1 – You’re NOT Alone!

In this episode, Jason starts out by sharing a little of what’s been going on in his personal life and also with his itinerant speaking ministryBUT THEN … he gives us the MEAT … and he talks about the fact that DEPRESSION is more prevalent among Christian dudes (even Christian leaders) than most people realize.

If you’re dealing with DEPRESSION, then the first thing you need to know is that …


In this episode, you’re going to discover that you’re actually in great company with some of the most extraordinary men who’ve ever walked this earth. You’ll be shocked at how many great leaders (past and present) have battled DEPRESSION throughout their life.

This episode will definitely help bring you HOPE …and we also learn that HOPE is an acrostic for … Hang On Pain Ends!

Also, check-out the book STRONGER by Clayton King that Jason mentions in this episode.


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