E-13: Your Focus Affects Everything!


In this episode, Jason helps you understand that your FOCUS affects everything in your life as a man. Whatever things you allow to dominate your attention, desires, and activity … (AKA = your FOCUS) … it will affect every aspect of your life …

– Your brain chemistry!

– Your feelings/emotions!

– Your physical health!

– Your relationship with God!

– Your relationship with your wife!

– Your relationship with your kids!

– Your relationships with your friends!

– Your relationship with non-believers!

– Your job/career!

– Your finances!

– Your ministry!

– Your life’s impact!

It all goes back to your FOCUS. Your FOCUS affects everything!


Your FOCUS is crucial to your success as a man, and that’s why God (in His Word) has so much to say to us about our FOCUS.

At the end of this episode, Jason also provides some practical steps you can take to improve your FOCUS!


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