E-7: The Friday Growl!

In this episode, Jason talks about a bunch of stuff …

… why you need Covenant Eyes

… his upcoming interview with former porn actress, Brittni DeLaMora

… the new GRIZ t-shirts and the Uganda Mission Fund

… a recent rating and review on iTunes and some new monthly financial supporters

… the importance of planning your weekend and avoiding being HOME ALONE and BORED!



New GRIZ Podcast T-Shirts!


The land for the new housing complex in Uganda!


The bricks are ready for the new housing complex in Uganda!


Make a donation to the “Uganda Mission Fund” and we’ll send you a new GRIZ podcast t-shirt to help you look really really really cool! – Link here.


You can try Covenant Eyes for 30 days for free by using the promo code “GRIZZIN”  – Jason has used CE for over 10 years and now he’s an affiliate of Covenant Eyes.

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